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Model Conny
Model Conny

Hello dear photographers and colleagues

Nice to have you on my page!

I’m CONNY... 53 years young.

For me modeling is a very nice hobby, an amazing side job and a passion. So I am not a professional model, but nevertheless I’ve got quite a lot of experience. And with every shooting it’s getting more fascinating for me.

I LIVE to ENJOY – so I ENJOY what ever is possible- so then I LIVE! ;-)

I am looking forward to every picture comment on my SC. So write something J ! But please remember: Taste is ONE thing, trade the OTHER. Remarks like: “ I don’t like naked thing, because..” or similar comments, that’s what the “ESC”-button is for, so you are redeemed. OK!? 

I’ m also a member of

I’m working close together with my husband Stefan who is represented as
Fotograf Stefan G. – Basel on MK (Model-Kartei).

Kind regards



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Enjoy these erotic highlights !

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