People who like nude and erotic pictures can find a wide range of beautiful pictures in my protected member area.

Other things

I’ve got one nice and fine tattoo on each ankle and above the coccyx.


I’ve got a longer scar on the belly button -  by doing nude pictures I always let it remove by e.g. photoshop.


Name Conny
Country Switzerland
Age 53
Size 165 cm
Weight 61 kg
Hair colour dark brown
Length of my Hair short
Eye colour green-grey
Body dimensions 92 - 67 - 92
Size of my bra 75 C
Size of my clothes 36/38 (EU)
Size of my shoes 37 (EU)
Origin mediterran
Skin colour brown taint

MakeUp & Styling

Basically I can do every make up or styling on my own. To satisfy the wishes and ideas of the photographers a make-up artist for the make up and styling is preferable.