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People who like nude and erotic pictures can find a wide range of beautiful pictures in my protected member area.

model charge

Unless there is any special agreement, the model charge and the arranged travel expenses, that you can find in our contract, are to be prepaid cash directly before our shooting.


We can discuss about the price:

  • Half day flat charge or full day flat charge
    The charge depends on the project, the area, the end use of the photos, but it is in a rational and payable scale
  • TFP / TFCD only if it is a interesting project, the ideas are very fancy or rather crazy and the pictures support my references and portfolio. But in this case I am glad when you carry the travel and habitation expenses. In case of TFP/TFCD there are normally no rights of use for me without restriction of any kind
  •  Refund of driving and travelling expenses according to our agreement
  •  Photo CD, is always included on TFP/TFCD, on PAY according to our agreement

Like I already said: PAY-SHOOTINGS are possible everywhere!

I’m curiously looking forward to your offer and booking!

Hope to see you soon Smiley
Kind regards